As a national, non-profit organization of young professionals, Ad2 is committed to uniting, developing, and supporting the nation’s brightest minds in the field of advertising. By employing local affiliates across the nation, Ad2 is a unique, community-focused organization that empowers forward thinking and forward moving individuals.

    Working within the Triangle community, Ad2 Raleigh-Durham cultivates the skills of young, driven, and passionate individuals by not only giving them the ability to connect with other leaders in our industry, but also to meet and learn from each other. As a part of the nation’s oldest advertising organization, the American Advertising Federation, we come with the ‘street cred’ to back us up. With our contacts, support, leadership opportunities, and educational initiatives, Ad2 enables the Triangle’s young professionals to enrich their portfolios, network with industry leaders, and gain valuable insight into the world of advertising. This diverse group is composed of students and young professionals under the age of 32.

    Through our local partnerships with various local advertising agencies, we hope to connect professionals in our market, educate them about the industry, and inspire them to get involved on a local and national level. Events such as panels, after work social hours, a public service competition, and the American Advertising Awards, allow young professionals to get engaged, and to make a real different in their market – or in the world. So, get involved. Get noticed.

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